What is cross fit?

Sport is one of many areas of life in which you can observe some tendencies and trends. In recent years, increased the popularity of some sports. More and more people decide to run, but at the same time there is a growing interest in cross fit. Not everyone knows what is such a workout, so it is worth to present its most important principles.

Cross fitness is a strength and conditioning training, created by the American, Greg Glassman, who based on his original program, trained police departments in California. Over time, it turned out that the training developed by him is very effective, and therefore it has been introduced to marines and American firefighters workout programs. What are the main advantages of cross fit?


Without a doubt, great importance is the fact that it can be practice by anyone who is sufficiently motivated to exercise. It does not matter how good or bad is your physical condition. Cross fit is based on a daily exercise program (Workout Of The Day). Exercises are done in a certain way, a certain number of times. The emphasis is on a proper technique of execution. Cross fit can train both the US military, as well as beginners, or people who are seriously overweight. The only difference is the intensity of exercises and the level of load, because the training system is unchangeable.


Cross fit is a general-developmental and intense workouts. Their result is exactly measured. Sets of exercises do not provide isolation of individual muscle groups, because usually the whole body works.