Too weak to train cross fit?

Those interested in cross fit often have concerns that they are too weak, and would not cope with heavy exercises, and as a result will slow down the group. Therefore, it is clear that in the case of the discipline, these fears are completely unfounded.


In cross fitness all the exercises can be adapted to your own level of fitness. You can practice as a longstanding cross fit player, as well as a 70-year old man. The only difference is adapting exercises to your own efficiency, which in every person is different. In cross fit there is no movements, which are not performed in everyday life. Here, they are just performed with bigger or smaller intensity or weight.


During each workout you train the entire body. Most people train 5 days and rest two. In the case of proper selection of the intensity and the load it is good for everyone. There is no need to be afraid that because of your poor physical condition you will delay your group. There are people with varying degrees of efficiency. Even the most experienced people were once beginners. Each member of the group is focused on their own level of fitness. The presence of more experienced not only cause no complications, but is also a very good motivation for further training.


All those who have doubts about whether cross fit is the right for their training, they can go to trial classes first. This is an excellent opportunity to to see that no one is too weak to train cross fitness.