Is Cross Fit is designed mainly for men?

Some women admit that they would like to try a cross fit workout, but they fear that there will be only men training, and long-term performance of such exercises will lead to the fact that their silhouette will become too muscular. Are these fears legitimate?

Cross fit in Poland is still developing, because the truth is that still more men practice thos kind of training. However, the number of women participating it is constantly increasing. There are even groups in which there are more women than men. Women are beginning to understand that cross fit allows to be strong and tough, yet beautiful.


At this point we should dispel the myth according to which cross fit disturbs the proportions silhouette and makes the female body becoming male shapes. This myth is based on the observation of women who deal with cross fit professionally. It’s hard to deny that they do not belong to the group of delicate women. However, it is certain that woman training cross fit as an amateur is not able to obtain such results. The silhouette of professionals is the result of several workouts a day, a large number of adequate food and supplementation. Of particular importance is the last point, so dietary supplements.

Cross fitness can be more natural for the silhouette than a functional training. Of course, it is very important to properly plan training by an experienced trainer. The best results can be achieved by a personal training, during which a coach will chose these exercises, that will allow you to get the perfect silhouette.