Title: Ulster Place-Name Society

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Celebrating Ulster's Townlands:

A place-name exhibition for the Millennium put together by the Ulster Place-Name Society with support from the Heritage Lottery Fund.


 Cover Image: Celebrating Ulster's Townlands




1. Celebrating Ulster's Townlands

2.   Identity

3.   Land Division in Ireland

4.   Illustrations of Townlands in Maps  

5.   Peoples of Ulster

6.   Maritime Names

7.   Place and People Names  

8.   Place and People Names 2  

9. Place Names and Migration  

10. Ulster from the map of Ireland in Samuel Lewis's Atlas, 1837

11. Landscape in Irish-language names

12. Trees in Place Names



13. Other Plants in Place Names

14. Birds in Place Names

15. Animals in Place Names

16. Stone in Place Names

17. Ancient Buildings in Place Names  

18. Early Churches in Place Names  

19. Legends of the Landscape

20. Placenames and Literature

21. Legends of Church Sites

22. Place-Names and Tradition 

Suggestions for Further Reading

List of Place Names by County