Cross fit at home

One of the advantages of cross fit is that you can train in even in your own home. Although, such training will not be similar to that being performed on instructional films by people who practice this sport professionally, but the most important thing is to remember two important principles of cross fit, which are an essential part of any workout. These are the maximum intensity and maximum effort.

Regardless of whether we use weights in the gym or rope climbing, each item should be used to achieve maximum speed and intensity of the workout. It is also important to secure enough space, thus eliminating the risk of injuries or loss of equipment. If the apartment is not suitable for making impulsive and sweeping movements, it is better to give up training at home and go to a garden or park.


It is important to make sure that we do not harm ourselves or others while performing various exercises. There are many home devices that can be used during cross fit workouts. It is also possible to purchase other useful accessories for little money, such as a platform, stabilization ball, dumbbells or stopwatch.


What exercises cross fit can be performed at home or in the yard? There are a lot of proposals. A good idea may be rope jumping, sprinting in place or Turkish getting up, which is an exercise engaging our entire body. A lot depends on what equipment we have, and our imagination.