Cross fitness for beginners

Cross fitness is a workout that allows you to achieve excellent results, but beginners usually have a lot of questions, and do not know how to get started with it. Here are a few tips that should be taken into account by all those who are just starting training.


Let’s start with the warm-up. It might seem that everyone remembers about this element of training, but in fact, many people skip the warm-up and immediately proceeds to the other exercises. Warm-up should last 10 minutes. What is the appropriate frequency of exercises? For beginners, it is the best to practice 2-3 times a week, and after time go to 3-5 workouts. For each circuit there should be 6-8 exercises. Each should be performed for 30 seconds.

After completing the entire circuit you should take a break, which lasts until you stabilize the heart rate. We repeat the entire circuit 1-3 times. A sample workout for a beginner consists of exercises such as the squat with a one-second pause, pump standing on one leg, alternating jumps with hands, side steps, back push-ups and throwing the medicine ball.

Those interested in cross fitness often wonder, whether it is the right type of training for them. It is clear that the cross fit is designed for everyone. It is important, however, to choose exercises and pace suited to their skills. Performing complex exercises right away may cause injuries, so it is much better to abandon this type of ideas.